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The Divas Tribute singers - Donna Summer

Donna Summer Biography

Donna Summer rocketed to international superstardom in the mid-1970s when her groundbreaking merger of R&B, soul, pop, funk, rock, disco and avant-garde electronica catapulted underground dance music out of the clubs of Europe to the pinnacles of sales and radio charts around the world.

Born Donna Gaines on New Year's Eve to a large family in Boston, she developed an early interest in music. From the age of eight, Donna Summer sang in church choirs and city-wide choruses, and by her early twenties, was performing in musical theatre in Germany, winning parts in such highly-acclaimed shows as "Hair," "Showboat," "Godspell," and "Porgy and Bess" as well as performing with the Viennese Folk Opera.

In 1975, Moroder and Bellotte produced the international hit, "Love to Love You Baby," which rose to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and triggered Summer's triumphant return to the United States as a key figure of the then-emerging disco genre. "Love To Love You Baby" paved the way for such international hits as "MacArthur Park," "Bad Girls," "Hot Stuff," "Dim All The Lights," "On The Radio," and "Enough Is Enough," as well as the Grammy and Academy award winning theme song "Last Dance," from the film "Thank God It's Friday," which remains a milestone in Donna's career.

A 2008 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nominee, it is estimated that Donna Summer has sold more than 130 million records worldwide. With a total of 31 #1 hits (singles and albums) on the Billboard Pop/R&B,Disco/Dance, Album charts combined, over a period of 35 years, Donna Summer is ranked at #24 on Billboard Magazines 50th Anniversary issue featuring the Hot 100 Artists of All Time.

the-divas Tribute Act

The Divas Tribute singers - Jocelyn Knight as Donna Summer

Donna Summer Tribute Act - Jocelyn's Biography

Also available for solo bookings.

Velvet... Pure magic! Her voice is as adaptable as any I've ever heard. She is capable of ANYTHING anyone can write for her. These are just a few of the superlatives used to describe the astounding vocalist Jocelyn Knight………

Jocelyn first displayed signs of her talent when she began performing her own song and dance routines as a 5 year old. Jocelyn was heavily influenced by her mother who was a professional singer in the 70's and she would often join her mother when she was rehearsing her show. Even as a young girl, Jocelyn was talented enough to help her mother by doing backing and lead vocals, so encouraged by her mother to take singing more seriously, Jocelyn went on to join the choir in senior school and whilst doing this, she set up and ran a teenage dance troupe.

In her early twenties, Jocelyn joined a contemporary Christian band and performed around the UK and Europe for a number of years. Whilst performing for her Christian band, Jocelyn also set up a Motown band to play in her local church to celebrate the new Millennium.

As a vocalist Jocelyn is a Joy to listen to, but her unique selling point is her ability to compliment her vocals with her professional dance routine. Even by her own admission Jocelyn is a non-smoking, non-drinking fitness aficionado. Her mantra is 'fit in body, fit in mind' and this all-consuming attitude to her profession is what has kept her at the top for so many years and why she has a stunning physique that perfectly complements her powerful yet angelic voice.

After 20 years touring experience as a solo artist and working with live bands Jocelyn's vocals seem to mature just like a fine wine and her awesome talent just gets better and better. She is a JOY to work with and she is one artist who certainly doesn't get what the 'Diva stuff' that plagues some lesser artists in the industry, is all about. Jocelyn has her standards, but she's a realist who understands that the world isn't perfect, her Christian upbringing has taught her humility and to treat others as she wishes to be treated and that's why Jocelyn comes as the complete and ultimate entertainment package.

2012 - Dr Truth Blues Band - Backing singer (Current)

2012 - Motown @ R&B production company JML - Lead and backing singer (Current)

2012 - Motown Girl Group – Lead and backing singer (Current)

2012 - Project Manager for Safe Gorton Ambition Project April 2011 – July running a weekly workshop with kids in the Gorton area Manchester, teaching song compositions, Stage Craft and the preparation and arrangement of live performances.

2012 - Supreme Dream Girls - Motown Girl Band - Corporate events, weddings and cruises

2011 - 2012 Working with various production managers in England and oversea writing commercial dance Tracks. (Current)

2010-2011 - Boney M tour with Mazie Williams. Lead and backing singer playing concerts in:
Domodedlvo, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, Warsaw

2000 -2007 - Lead Singer and Manager of ‘Spirit of Soul’ 10 Piece Motown Band. Corporate events and weddings.

Donna Summer's Set List

Love to Love You Baby
Could It Be Magic
I Feel Love
Last Dance
MacArthur Park
Hot Stuff
Bad Girls
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Duet With Zara & Perez)
On the Radio
State of Independence
She Works Hard for the Money
Dinner with Gershwin
This Time I Know It's for Real
Melody of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (Morales Classic Club Mix )

Jocelyn can also be booked as a Motown solo artist.
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